Sound workshop

Sound workshop

Project days for building instruments and playing in orchestras with the Mobile Music Museum

A variety of instruments can be built for projects and instruction in the instrument  building workshop. Quick and inexpensive projects are available for children (electric pipe flutes, roof slats, xylophones, rug pipe drums and 1 string guitars), as well as, the wonderful sounding, tuned  pipe bells and real drums out of canal tube. Before long, children are playing, experimenting and classifying cultural connections. Grand Finale guaranteed!


In the music project Sound Workshop/Orchestra Games, children are acquainted with the basic physics of sound. Air, hide, string and other materials as swinging element are investigated in search of ways to create your own instruments out of everyday materials.  High pitch flute out of electric pipe, xylophones out of roof shingles, drums made of rug pipe and a 1 stringed guitar made out of  wood ledge.
In the small music museum, 5 – 10 children at a time can become familiar with and try out different instruments from various world cultures depending on the designated instrument type of the day.

For example:

Wind instruments: a variety of flutes, trumpets, forest horns, ocarinas, buzz tubes
Membrane instruments: congas, bongos, tables, surdo, tambourines, quicas
Idiophones: gongs, bowls, wood blocks, xylophone, tube bells, diverse rattles.
Stringed instruments: guitars, pick drums, upright bass, mini-violin.
Homemade and brought along instruments will be thoroughly investigated, explained and played.
The  homemade instruments will create an orchestra which demonstrates the basic principles of solo instruments, rhythmic and harmonic accompaniment.
From experimental music and free improvisation to short compositions for soloists and orchestras, there is a vast spectrum of musical possibilities within this project during warm up and practice for the days final performance. 
Musical games from around the world offer a practical to the interaction between the self made instruments and the exhibits in the collection.
The children develop music themselves in small groups and perform for each other at the end of the day. Of course, at the close of the day, there is a grand finale including all the children.

Do it yourself instructions for home can be found here

Sound Workshop

Location: inside and outside
Participants: up to 20 children ages 8 – 12
Length of program: 1 – 5 days, 2 – 3 hours as agreed upon
Supervision: 1 additional adult per 5 children, to be arranged by presenter.
Directions will be given before and during the event.
Materials and tools for up to 20 children will be provided by Michael Bradke
Work tables/benches, weather protection and other accommodations must be provided by presenter